The fee is INR 500/- for one calendar year ending December 31st. Students can get a 50% concession, that is INR 250/-. This is a non-refundable membership fee.
    Membership fee can be paid at the following bank account:

    Name: UttarPurv | A/C No: 39846743388 | IFSC: SBIN0008462 | Bank: SBI-Abhayapuri

    Uttar Purv has an ambitious goal to make profit for every photographer from North East India whether it be monetary or in terms of knowledge or fame gained. We have started our journey to re-discover the world of photography on 13th November 2020.

    The brand “Uttar Purv” is owned & financed by a group of photographers. It is run by a few award winning photographers from North East India as a profit making organization. Uttar Purv intends to run as a photographers cooperative in a transparent manner. Any serious photographer can use the Uttar Purv platform & its resources to make his/her project earn money on a profit share basis where 40% of the profit will go to Uttar Purv and 60% will be retained by the photographer. Some of the exciting initiatives that Uttar Purv will engage in are organizing exhibitions, pursuing photo projects, creating a fund for pursuing photography based education, collaborating with other clubs and corporate/business houses, creating content and sharing them on it’s own or external blogs/websites, taking up outsourced tasks from other organizations among many more other activities.

    This group is just for serious photographers who seek exposure & to make profit out of pursuing photography. There is no obligation on anyone to join the Uttar Purv. Please note that this group is open and transparent and therefore, no question is a restricted one here. We encourage free and responsible interaction and transparent methods of working.

    Uttar Purv archives (publicly available) all information regarding its activities. Items that can be archived include and is not limited to; Your name and photograph in group activities, Information like mobile number, email ID, your photographs which you may use for group activities, etc. Privacy clause cannot be applied as Uttar Purv believes in transparency.

    No members can demand a full or part of property share including and not limited to branding, logo, its subsidiaries. It is always owned by active Uttar Purv members equally.

    FIP Club Membership Clause is applicable.

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